Rotary in Maidenhead Projects

Rotary in Maidenhead supports many different projects locally and around the world to improve the lives of others. Below lists just some of these projects, we simply couldn't list them all as the page just isn't long enough!

Polio Eradication: Since 1985, Rotary members have donated their time and money to help immunize more than two billion children in 122 countries.  We have reduced polio cases by 99% worldwide and most recently eradicated it from India!  Polio remains endemic in just three countries: Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan and is now our number 1 goal to eradicate completely.

Shelterbox: Started in 2000 this Rotary project has helped over one million people affected by natural and man-made disaster by providing urgent assistance to allow people to get back on their feet quickly when disaster strikes. Shelterbox provides an all-weather tent large enough to provide shelter for 10 people. Also sent in the iconic green box is pots, pans, cooking utensils, sleeping bags, blankets, a stove, water purification tablets and colouring books to give children something nice to do. Now over 100,000 boxes have been sent to disaster zones all over the world Haiti, Pakistan, Indonesia and South America are examples.

Supporting the local community

Maidenhead’s Got Talent - giving a platform for local performers to show their skills, this project is organised by all clubs in Maidenhead and raises over £4000 for local charities.

Maidenhead Boundary Walk - this is an annual event organised by the Rotary Club of Maidenhead. It gives people the chance to raise money for their own charities by getting sponsorship to walk the old boundary of Maidenhead. It raises over £10,000 for many good causes.

Annual Thames Valley Pub Quiz –this is an annual event organised by the Rotary Club of Maidenhead Thames that sees over 40 teams battle it out to show they're the brainiest people in the town! It raises over £3000 for many good causes, last year it supported The Thames Valley Adventure Playground.

Easter Family Fun Day - this is a completely free event for families in the town and is organised by Maidenhead Bridge Rotary. Families get to enjoy an Easter egg hunt, bouncy castle and many different children’s entertainers in Grenfell Park.

Charity Cheese & Wine Quiz - another annual event open to the public and organised by Maidenhead Rotaract Club. It's a fun quiz night with plenty of cheese & wine to enjoy and raises over £900 for charity.

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